The purpose is "to do for clients what they cannot do for themselves" and a full range of professional services is provided to meet a variety of needs.


These include but are not limited to:


Feasibility studies

Schematic design

Design development

Working drawings

Contract documentation


Contract administration


Partial services are often provided where the clients have other means of procuring the design, the documents, the construction, etc.  On the other hand this firm is capable of taking a project through from an initial brief to eventual occupation of the building and in most cases prefers to do, thus ensuring professional process and product to the very end.  In these roles we have earned the respect and cooperation of local councils and other statutory authorities at the one end and of building companies, tradespeople and suppliers at the other end.


Employees, contract staff and design consultants are engaged on a range of commissions.  However all client consultation and design is handled by Ian Dewar who then oversees all work done by others whether it is in the office or outsourced.  The outcome of this is a certain continuity of style which comes through quietly but each design goes through a process of rigorous consultation so that the outcome  always expresses the aspirations of the client and not the architect.