The Blinker

Peck & Cox


Essential man has always required his essential house to be


with his inner self pleased if these are visually expressed.

Here the brief goes much further including demands for light and outlook on a tiny block.  The solution is a high 'platform for living and viewing' with ancillary accommodation pushed underground to satisfy statutory height restrictions.

With outlook essential, privacy for the occupants and neighbours was of real concern but all interested parties have been accommodated.  Windows were carefully placed and oriented.  Roof gardens and balconies were equipped with suitable screens.


The Blinker at the rear defines the character of the whole house.  It controls overlooking for private spaces while allowing (indeed enhancing) a broad view of the CBD north side.....




Bathed in early light

Back lit by the setting sun

Bright against the night sky

Bewitching behind black lace.


A two storey home for two scientists in separate fields but sharing professional and private interest in matters of the environment.

Two large spare 'bedrooms' are designed to serve as individual studies with one having direct access for visiting clients and colleagues.

In a high density precinct, the house has essential relief through outlooks on both two levels at the front and again at the back.  The private living areas at the rear open onto a secluded north facing courtyard overlooked by the expansive kitchen and embraced by the large garage.

A two storey Federation style house in Subiaco straddled two lots and had a beautiful garden where once was a tennis court.  The whole property failed to meet the reserve price at auction so the owner decided to sell the house only and to build a new house on the tennis court.

The new house is characterized as an undeniably contemporary one in a street of traditional Subiaco 'character' houses.  This attracted a great deal of opposition at development approval stage and made the project a lengthy one.

The final result is modern but discreet and tells the story of its creation on a virgin block.

The design has been very much qualified by the small size and low level of the original tennis court.  These parameters have been turned to advantage to produce a dwelling with real attitude.

Why XPAT? Pat spends six months of each year in New York to be near her daughter.  This house is for the other six months she spends in Perth to be near her son.