Trinity Uniting Church

Clifton Residence





Image, statue, painting, mosaic, etc.

(often tiny - ed) of sacred personage, itself regarded as sacred




There is hardly ever an 'Iconic Building'




There is never an 'Iconic Architect'




Here we both go ever so close



 Edwardian House

The restoration of a 1930's middle class suburban bungalow has demonstrated the potential to faithfully restore a heritage residence while providing an affordable solution for contemporary living.

"The old building has had its self esteem restored.  It is true to itself yet serves a young family well."

Federation Style House

This genuine Federation Style House has been restored and provided with a seamless extension at the rear to cater for a more modern style of living.

Federation Style House

This project consists of the substantial extensions and alterations to a "character house" in Fremantle WA.


The existing house was not historic or greatly significant in any way, but sitting near the top of a hilly street had certain scale and presence which made it special from the beginning.  The streetscape generally was sufficiently characterful for the local authority to have imposed certain restrictions on the scale and nature of new work.