Clifton Residence


Holiday House


The Ed House

This is nothing more than a suburban cottage with a degree of style typical of the 1930's.

Its young owners have uniquely recognized the structural integrity and architectural merit of the original house.  They have commendably invested in restoration and seamless extension - all with careful, but economically realistic attention to detail.


The result is a property which is modest in every respect but which is faithful to its origins and expresses them better than most.


Extensions And Alterations



Heritage Council Conservation - RAIA Architecture Awards

Here is a simple suburban house and garden of the Federation era, renovated and extended in a manner faithful to the original design.

It will facilitate a change of lifestyle for retiring couple who have spent their married life on a more rustic property in the hills.


Extension And Alterations



Architecture Award in the Archicentre - RAIA Architecture Awards



Heritage Awards - The City of Stirling

Here is a small family residence close to the beach, designed as a holiday house but capable of converting to a 'real' house when suburbia sadly arrives.

It replaces an old asbestos cottage which was literally razed by a rampaging bikie gang, smashed to the ground with not a sign of the sheep who mowed the lawn.

This house is expressive in its use of multiple gables, large verandahs and openness to the site, all appropriate to the locality and holiday atmosphere.

The three front gables give the impression of expansiveness.  A similar effect at the rear leads out to a long narrow site where future extensions are planned.

At the front is a stretch of beautiful white beach sand and the rear is a mini parkland of pine trees and cape lilacs in a dappled carpet of their own litter.


New Single Storey House



People's Choice Award - Residential RAIA Architecture Award

In characterful old Subiaco a not-so-characterful but truly pleasant little house has been given an upper storey to make a room for the recently arrived Emma-Louise.

As the project unfolded it also acquired new outbuildings ad extensive garden development to suit.

The challenge was to extend in a way which retained the understated manner of the original house to ensure that it remained unique in an area somewhat dominated by the preferred Federation Style.

By design or by accident, the old place had a tropical quality which only a few thought worthy of preserving and expanding upon.

While the completed development is bigger and better, the original flavour is unchanged.


Upper Storey Extension And Garden Development



The Subiaco Awards, The City of Subiaco



People's Choice Award - Residential RAIA Architecture Awards


Designed for the thoroughly modern 'OLD WOMEN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE' this house caters for a single mother with three children at home, two more who come to stay and a grandmother who makes extended visits.  Their sense of humour enabled the design process, the building program and the final outcome to be great fun.  It is always upstairs and downstairs with constant mix and match, children hanging out of every window and mother able to retreat to her tower for the occasional respite.  This little house brings continual delight to the occupants and the casual passer-by.

The project typifies privately sponsored infill development. The owner found her home inadequate to meet the changing needs of her family.  The corner block was subdivided, the old house was sold and a purposed designed house was built on the newly created lot, all strictly within the proceeds of the old house sale.  The new house takes its design from the sloping site, the orientation, the complex brief and the big wish for a place which would give the children ongoing fun and contentment.

A great deal has been achieved within a very modest budget.


New Two Storey House



Residential RAIA Architecture Awards



People's Choice Award - Residential RAIA Architecture Awards